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Be Happy
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    5 Reasons to Smile More – Today!

    5 Reasons to Smile More – Today! (HuffingtonPost)   Who isn’t looking for ways to be happier and more positive? There are many ways to be happy, and everyone finds their own way. One of the easiest ways to achieve happiness is at our own disposal, and it’s free. Something as simple as smiling can improve your health, relationship, among …

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    Inexpensive, fun Easter Crafts to do this Weekend!

    Inexpensive, fun Easter Crafts to do this Weekend! (iVillage) Easter weekend is a great time to be with family, enjoy some yummy treats, and go egg hunting! One of my favorite things to do on holidays with my family is make crafts together.Crafting is an interactive, fun activity that doesn’t have to stretch your wallet. Check out some inexpensive, easy …

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    Meditation Tips for Beginners

    Meditation Tips for Beginners Everyone’s heard of meditation, but how many of us really understand what it is, or how we do it?  Meditation can help people quiet their mind, relax, and reduce stress. But to many, meditation can be a bit overwhelming or confusing if unfamiliar with the concepts and fundamental beliefs behind its exercises. Once understood, meditation is …

Eat Well
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    Meet the Buddha!

    Meet the Buddha What’s new at LesserEvil? We’re all about raising the bar in healthy snacks, and we’re committed to changing the way people think about snacking.  Gone are the days of feeling guilty or ashamed because you opened a bag of popcorn, and gone are the days of feeling heavy and uncomfortable after snacking. Himalayan Pink Popcorn is your …

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    LesserEvil’s Earth to Table Quality Commitment

     LesserEvil’s Earth to Table Quality Commitment With so many ingredients in foods these days, it’s hard as a consumer to know if what you are eating nourishes your body. At LesserEvil, we are trying to earn your trust by continuing to use only what is good for you and the planet. We start by sourcing foods that are non-genetically modified …

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    What IS Super 4?

    What is Super 4? At or coming to a supermarket near you, check out the new superhero snack food: Super 4. Available in 3 flavors of Cheesy Nacho, Kale & Roasted Garlic, and Roasted Red Pepper, this snack has all the taste and crunch you satisfy. A unique discovery of health and flavor that seriously stands out from the rest, …

Play Hard
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    7 Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

    7 Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore (WomensHealth) Everyone suffers from the occasional headache, indigestion, or toothache, but when and how do you know if something more serious is going on? Many of us have a habit of putting off our own health, or undermining symptoms we have. Some people are the opposite, and go to the doctor for smaller …

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    10 Small Changes You Can Make to Lose Weight Faster

    10 Small Changes You Can Make to Lose Weight Faster (Prevention.com) 1.  Pick up a pen – It’s easy to lose track of what we eat, and keeping a food log is the easiest way to study our eating habits. Take a moment to jot down what you eat, and how much you ate throughout the day. Keeping a food …

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    The Facebook Time Machine!

    Has Facebook Taken Over Your life? Time Magazine recently published an article to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Facebook approaching next week. It’s hard to believe that it was only 10 years ago Mark Zuckerberg was creating Facebook in his dorm room, and would go on to be one of the most influential and iconic people to date. Facebook …

Daily Tip

Almost everything besides towels, sheets, and underwear can be washed in cold water. You’ll save money and help the environment.

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