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Hugonomics: Survey shows surplus of dog hugs while human hugs are in decline

Posted on Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 at 8:57 pm under Be Happy.
boy hugging dog

Courtesy of Popofatticus

If you have a hard time passing by your adorable four-legged friend without giving him a squeeze, you’re not alone. A recent US survey conducted by Beneful Baked Delights dog treats reported that two-thirds of dog owners hug their pooches more than they hug the people in their lives.

Before you flick a flea at the thought, the concept makes sense when you put it into context. After you arrive home from a long day at work (or from a short one-minute trip to the mailbox), who is likely waiting for you at the door eager to grab your attention?

It’s Buster! The constant affection we pour onto our tail-waggers may just be a response to their endless demand for attention. Besides, who can say no to those adoring eyes? As a culture we tend to put ourselves in a bubble and demand personal space. Dogs infiltrate this desire, and we tend to let them in whenever they want.

Of the 482 people surveyed, the responders said this about hugging their dogs:

  • 56%-made them smile
  • 60%- dog returns their affection when they hug
  • 40%- made them forget about their stress
  • 55%- made them feel happier

That definitely makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Beneful Dog Delights started national Hug Your Dog Day last year on April 10th (not that we need a day to remind us to hug our pets.) Perhaps we should start a Hug Your Friends and Family Day instead.

So, what are the most huggable dogs? According to Yahoo! News, cocker spaniels came out on top, followed by Labrador retrievers, beagles, bichon frises, and finally boxers.

The Big Question:
Do you are hug your four-legged friends more than your human friends? Spill the truth in the comments below!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000834320669 Diana Stanhope

    I do hug my fur-babies more than anyone else! 

    • LesserEvil Life

      Guilty as charged, too. But they make us so happy. And they are so darn adorable!

  • Julia Prue Potvin

     Yes my 4 legged “gurlfriend” gets more hugs then either myself or my husband. She’s a snuggle puss, so during the day when he rests she is snuggling & lovin with him, and when I settle down to relax or to go to bed she is right there with me, “huggin” & snugglin’!!  

    • LesserEvil Life

      That’s sweet. It’s hard not to snuggle them.