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Contest Winners: Favorite Memory for Mother’s Day

Posted on Friday, May 11th, 2012 at 6:16 pm under Be Happy.
mom hugging son

Courtesy of GabrielaP93

We laughed. We cried, and felt a deep connection to our fans. So, thank you for all of your submissions. If it weren’t a contest, we would definitely say each and every one of you is a winner.

Heck, we’ll say it anyway. Moms make our hearts sing. Whether by birth, adoption, marriage, or just out of pure love– the world is a better place because of moms. That’s why we celebrate you today and every day.

Like every contest, this one was tough. We chose a grand prize winner and two runners-up. The prizes will be announced on Facebook, so don’t forget to check out our fan page.

Drumroll, please…

Second runner up: Dr. Ann Marie Graff 

Well, I am fairly new to motherhood. I married for the first time at 49 to a wonderful with two children. They were 8 and 14 when we met. David, my stepson has always been very close to me, but his sister, Ashley was another story. She was a teenager and mad at her parents, and saw me as the enemy. Even though she lived with her father and me, she could still make me feel like an outsider. Trying to get close to her was always a challenge. 

Our relationship developed into a comfortable one as the years went on, but there was

mom holding daughter

Courtesy of Ava Lowery

always something holding it back.  Then this past Christmas something wonderful happened to change that. Ashley, my stepdaughter, now 22, had just graduated from college and moved into her own apartment about two hours from us. She called me to ask if I would help her pick out a Christmas gift for her dad. She had found something she wanted my opinion on. That in itself was surprising, she never wants anyone’s help.

After having to cancel twice because of our schedules, I finally drove the two hours to her house to meet and go shopping…so I thought. Ashley even called me in my travels to make sure I was still coming. Even that surprised me. So I finally arrived for what I thought would be a quick trip to buy a gift and head back home turned into one of the most wonderful days I have ever had with my stepdaughter.

Ashley had planned a whole day for us, from shopping to lunch to checking out the sites in her new town. We laughed and joked and had a wonderful time. I remember driving home and calling her dad to tell him that I just had the most perfect day with Ashley. It was the first time I felt like a mom instead of just the stepmom. It will be a memory I cherished forever.

First Runner Up: Victoria Leigh Sheehan

I just saw your post for your Mother’s Day contest and I have been racking my brain trying to think of just one memory of my awesome mom. She has done so much for me for my entire life, and so much with me. She has sat through my horse shows and my plays (she never missed a show), every single dance recital. We used to take road trips for my dance competitions and we ALWAYS got lost. But I have a recent memory that I know I will never forget.

I recently studied abroad in France for 4 1/2 months. Naturally my mother was sad to see me go, but she was so supportive. I promised that I would keep in touch regularly but it was hard since my parents only have an old computer, with no webcam and a temperamental external microphone.

They didn’t even have a Skype account. After a month or so of not hearing my mom’s voice (or my dad’s of course) and only communicating through Facebook and email I created a Skype account for them and we tried it out… they said hello, and when I responded and my mom heard my voice she squealed and screamed “Oh my God, it’s you! I can hear you!”

It was the funniest thing and I will never forget it for as long as I live. It was a really great moment and after a month of living in a foreign country I really needed to hear my mom’s voice, even if she did squeak and scream at me.

And there you have one of my favorite memories of my amazing mother.

Grand Prize Winner: Pam Frusha


mom, baby, and daughter

Courtesy of Southernpixel Alby

I’ve been a mom for 30 years now and still have 10 more “at home years”!  My biological children are 30 and 19 and then after fostering for 12 years three of our foster kids adopted us almost 3 years ago!  It’s hard to pick my favorite memory because there are so very many.  I’ve been so blessed as a birth mother, foster mother and adoptive mother, so I guess I’ll go with my top two.

We fostered the three kids we ultimately adopted for a year.  After being in our home for about 2 weeks the oldest girl (9 at the time) asked me, “Why do you love us?”  I gave her all the reasons why but then asked her how she knew I loved them.  She thought for a moment and then responded, “You look at us, you talk with us and you touch us”.  Three things every child should have but they hadn’t and she felt loved because she was now getting it from a virtual stranger.

The night before the kids left to supposedly be adopted by a family member I was helping our youngest (5 at the time) after her bath.  She had very long hair and couldn’t manage it herself 😉  While I was towel drying her hair, she turned around, looked at me and said, “I’ve never had a mommy like you before”.  

The kids left for a year and went through the homes of two family members that were supposed to adopt them.  At the end of that year they came back into our home and we have legally and forever adopted them as ours.

Love being a mom!!!

Winner’s please send your address to the email yourmomma(at)lesserevil.com.

We can’t express enough thanks to our fans for sharing your stories. For contests, in response to questions, and just because. Every word you share with us means so much.

Our fans rock!