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Book Review- How They Started: How 25 Good Ideas Became Great Companies

Posted on Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 at 1:10 pm under Play Hard.
How They Started Book

How They Started by Carol Tice and David Lester

Every product you pick up and service you use started because someone wanted to meet a need. Many of us have great ideas. But how do you turn a good idea into an incredible business?

Authors Carol Tice and David Lester set out to find the answer to this question by researching 25 highly successful products and services—many we use daily—to figure out just what makes them so successful.

In How They Started, Tice and Lester reveal the painstaking process that each entrepreneur went through to grow into a success. From Spanx to Gatorade, each businessperson endured slammed doors, guffaws from investors, sparks of hope, and priceless triumphs before they became household names.

The list of incredible profiles includes greats like Coca-Cola, Twitter, Zynga, Disney, Chipotle Grill, and LinkedIn. From their humble beginnings to major setbacks, Tice and Lester reveal the glamorous and not-so-glamorous feats of starting a business.

Though these mega-success stories all still thrive today, not every entrepreneur was in it for the long haul. Sometimes ‘ideas’ persons don’t translate into strong businesspersons. Every detail in this book unveils the fascinating accounts of how these companies grew from one-room operations to multinational corporations.

I encourage you to read How They Started from cover to cover. Each success story provides a little hope for the entrepreneur at heart and helps us realize that the products we take for granted arrived after hundreds of relentless work ours from those who would do anything to bring their ideas to life.

You can purchase How They Started: How 25 Good Ideas Became Great Companies on Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com.

About the Authors: Carol Tice is a freelance writer with 18 years experience writing in the business world. David Lester is an author and the founder of Startups.


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