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5 Charitable Ideas for a Tight Budget

Posted on Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 at 9:33 am under Be Happy.

Giving back means more than monetary donations

Being charitable does require handing over large sums of money. Your assets extend far beyond financial means into your talents, enthusiasm, and time. This year you can give more than ever when you think outside the box—or in this case, the wallet.


Donate old items. Take a look around your home and see how many items lying around could probably better serve another person. As the month warm up, go through your winter clothes and see what you did not wear the past few months. Donating these items to charity can help raise money for that organization.


Volunteer your time. The average job within a charitable organization costs around $18/hr. By volunteering, you free up that money for use on those in need. Organizations like VolunteerMatch help place you in positions that best suit your skills and interests. If you don’t have free time to spend away from your home, you can always donate your skills. Talents like logo design, newsletter distribution, accounting, and crafting are always need and can easily be completed at home.


Be conservative. Reducing your carbon footprint is another great way to give back to the world. Simple changes like turning off lights and electronics when not in use or cutting back on the time you spend in the shower really make a difference. Other ways to create change is to reduce your bottled water usage, use items that can be washed and reused like shopping bags, cups, and napkins.


Take care of your neighborhood. By simply caring for your neighborhood, you give back in a big way. When going for walks, carry a bag to pick up any trash you find. Help elderly neighbors with yard work and chores. Maintain your home and make an effort to plant native shrubs and other foliage to help create a natural ecosystem in your environment.


Donate gifts. If you receive or send gift money, donate it to a charitable organization instead. These donations are tax-deductable and will go to a cause that you believe in. If you donate money to a charity for someone else, donate it in his or her name. They will be honored by the charity, providing an even greater gift for that special someone.

 What’s your favorite way to be charitable?
  • Victoria Dossey Findley

    great ideas.. & we can do all or at least some of them.  with little cost..